Membership Policy & Cancellations

See below for our membership policy & cancellation/refund policy.

Membership Information + Cancellation/Refund Policy

This service is operated by OTB RACING INFO
We provide racing market analysis and yard feedback to members
Memberships start from £20PCM but range up to £200PCM
Customers pay for a membership via an authorised Stripe subscription.
This service renews monthly with the customer receiving digital updates in the form of emails/messages/PDF’s
The minimum billing term is 1 calendar month cycle
Customer may cancel their membership any time before their next payment run by visiting the member dashboard and proceeding with a cancellation or cancelling in Paypal.
Once a membership is cancelled and you have received confirmation from OTB Racing Info and Stripe then the customer will not encore any further costs.
The customer may ask for a manual cancelation in where OTB Racing Info admin team will facilitate the cancellation for the customer, this must be given 72 hours prior to your next payment date.
On some occasions we may offer a discount voucher or a period of free service, in most occasions this will follow with a recurring cost and the customer agrees to this upon the terms of joining the trial or free service period.
To use our service a 3rd party app is needed in the form of “WhatsApp” this can be found in the app store.
OTB Racing Info will only provide its service on this platform and we do not currently offer any alternative methods for receiving this service.
The customer agrees upon joining that the above app and we do not take any liability if the customer faces any difficult using the platform.
Communicating with OTB Racing Info is free and we cam be contacted on the following platforms Email, Facebook chat, Contact form, Whatsapp admin support.
The information customers receive is for personal use only and OTB Racing Info hold the right to cancel without refund any member we believe to A) sharing the groups information to other people or similar service groups B) Sharing the information free of charge to non-paying members. AFFILIATE SCHEME – Taxes: It is your responsibility to pay any taxes, duties (including without limitation sales tax, VAT and other fees that apply to your commissions earnings. is not responsible for any foreign, federal, state, local, municipal, or other governmental taxes, duties, levies, fees, excises, or tariffs, owed by You arising as a result of or in connection with the provision of the OTB Racing Info Affiliate Program. You must pay all applicable sales, use, or value added taxes or tariffs applied by any national, state, provincial, or local jurisdiction to which you are subject that arise from or are related to these Terms. Each party will bear responsibility for payment of any taxes applicable to its own income and activities.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

1. To cancel your membership you should login to your OTB Racing Info account using the credentials used when joining.
2. Find the cancellation button and proceed with ending your membership you will receive an email/text confirmation.
3. Your account logins details will remain on the system in case you wish to reactive your membership however your monthly subscription will have been cancelled at this stage.
4. You will receive a notification from Stripe that we have suspend your membership payment.
5. Stripe will cancel your payment shortly after however they move a membership payment to “suspended” status before then been moved to “cancelled”.
6. There is no need to contact us if your stripe email says the status is “suspended” as your cancellation will have been processed at this stage.
7. If you wish to re-join then a new monthly payment will need to be agreed to when re-activating your membership, please chose the package of choice and checkout like a new customer again.
8. No refunds will take place after a payment run date has been made, For example if you let your payment run on the 7th march but then ask to cancel this on the 8th March this will not be eligible for a refund.
9. The cancelations process must have been completed before your next payment run to prevent a further payment been taken by OTB Racing Info.
10. All refunds if accepted within the conditions above will be refunded within a 7 day window from you receiving a refund confirmation update from OTB Racing Info either by email/text/messenger.
11. You should make a clear note of your monthly payment date as this payment will be taken automatically each month.
12. It is your discretion not ours to keep track of your payment date and in the instance you “forgot” to cancel a payment then this would not meet our terms for a refund.
13. As from 26/5/2020 we no longer offer a free month if OTB Racing Info fails to make points profit.
14. If a customer is requesting a refund for any reason but has stipulated in email/messenger/text that they have not been following the points system this gives OTB Racing Info the right to reject the refund.
15. Point 14 only stands if OTB Racing Info successfully can provide proof of such an event in a visual sharable format such as a screen shot, Email, Text or telegram messenger chat.
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