Points System

Points System Introduction

As part of the service we recommend using a points system which enables all of our members to bet following a structured system. This system means they know how much to stake on each tip relevant to their own betting banks. We will not tell you how much to bet as everyone financial situation is different which is why the point system works.


Make sure you have access to a betting account.

In order to follow our daily tips, you need to make sure you have access to a betting account.

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Take a look at our membership prices and select one that you prefer, then just complete the signup process.


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Make sure you've got Telegram downloaded onto your phone, once you become a member, we'll add you to the group.

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To ensure all our members never miss a tip, we update your members area and the Telegram group daily with our selected tips.



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Do I need to be with a particular bookmaker?

Simply put, no. All of our tips will be independent of what a bookmaker puts odds at. We simply look for the horse we think is the best, from there, you can place your bet with whichever bookie you're comfortable with.

How much should I start with?

You should start with whatever you feel comfortable with, whether that be £50 or £500, our points system makes it inclusive for all budgets.

What counts as a point?

We start off with a 100 point betting bank, view this 100 points as an initial investment which you are happy to use to fund your bets. So say this amount is £500, we simply divide £500 by 100 to get £5. That means each point has a money value of £5.

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